Friday, October 01, 2010

Day 2

OK, I've been working on this space and I added a new feature.  'Song of the Week', because I'm too lazy to post a song-of-the-day.  Thanks to Gerry, I am using as my source.  It's really easy to use and has what seems like millions of songs.  When you start the song, you can click on that video picture and you will see the music video also.

Another feature that I'm working on is a photo album.  Thanks to Gerry, again, I will be using  It's another site that is very easy to use and I'm looking forward to trying it out on here.

Well, it's Friday so that means 'housework day' and a Podiatrist appointment later.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Have a nice weekend and I'll be visiting so for heaven sake, straighten up your places!  LOL!


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maillady said...

Thanks for contacting me. I'm still stumbling around. Might use some of you tips. Good luck at the Dr's appt.