Monday, October 25, 2010

'Heads In The Clouds.....'

Yesterday was my father-on-law's birthday so we thought we would celebrate with him and at the same time check off one more item from his 'Bucket List'. We decided to take him on a Zepellin ride and all four of us had a blast! We also learned two things. It's a Zepellin NOT a Blimp (they will correct you!) and there are only two Zeppellins in the world that offer rides simply for pleasure. This one and another in Germany. There was one in Japan but they went out of business. One other fact is that only 9000 people have ever taken a Zeppelin ride for pleasure. Make that 9002!

The four of us arrived at the airport two hours before the the flight
because of , you guessed it, security.


Only Becky and her dad, Jerry, went up. I took photos from the ground while she handled the shots from the air. She did a great job!! Also, it cost $200 for thirty minutes and it was HIS birthday. The next time I'm going for sure! Yes, I stayed behind this time...

But Becky's mom, Jo, and I still had fun just sharing the excitement.

They weren't kidding with that scanner!!  YIKES!!!

After a short briefing they were shuttled to the airfield and waited for the Zepellin to return from the previous flight.

Becky took a few pics of the ground crew and the underside of the Zepellin

Inside, it looked like this.

The pilot was Kate.

It even had a small restroom which they referred to as 'the loo with a view'! lol
They both seemed to have a great time up there.

Becky took tons of pictures!

Long Beach shipping terminal:
The Valero refinery where she works:
The Marina:
Shoreline Drive where the Long Beach Grand Prix is held:
Our little Thums oil island:

Long Beach Pier:
And the Queen Mary (right) along with a cruise ship and the former home of the 'Spruce Goose', Howard Hughes' giant airplane:

Then it was back to the airport, taking photos along the way:

Including the landing.

After a short debriefing (?) by this guy,
They all received their certificates!!

It was an exhausting day but well worth the trip there. Next time, It's MY turn!!  Maybe you all can join me!

Right after the flight the Zeppelin and it's crew took off for Northern California but they will be back here again next summer. Definitely something to look forward to this winter!


Ramblingon said...

THAT looks SO fun, Bob. I would LOVE to have that opportunity. Interesting too that they "insist" on the word Zeppelin. I wouldn't have thought it mattered but it does to them. That's what counts.

Becky's pictures are truly good. I enjoyed all of them. And I have to say, your parents-in law are a seriously good looking couple.

Reserve the blog family spots next year. We'll go with you.

GreatGranny said...

It sure looks like fun and you and Becky took great photos. I'll stay with my girl on the ground...thanks anyway.

Peaceful said...

Awesome!! Didn't know there were any of those round any more. Great opportunity :)

Sherry said...

I would love to do that too but sadly I doubt they come to Wisconsin to give rides.You can tell how much fun they had from the smiles on their faces. What fun!

The Gaelic Wife said...

Wow! Great experience! Great shots! Especially the shadow. Loved that one.

Beth said...

What an experience for your father in law. The photos are all great!

maillady said...

Wow! What a wonderful gift!The pictures were terrific!