Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Smell A Rat!

Well, actually a mouse... In our garage... Eating whatever. Yeah, I know he's there by his droppings.  We have this problem every year when the weather gets cooler. I used to try everything from traps to poisons and even a pellet gun but none of those worked.

Until, I decided to execute them!!  That's right, the Electric Chair for rodents!  And man does it ever work!  An Electric Chair for rodents you ask?  YES!!  And here it is:

The Rat Zapper 2000!  LOL!

It runs on four AA batteries and produces enough amperage to kill even the largest rodent (as long as it can fit inside) instantly.  I purchased mine 10 years ago at Home Depot but they are no longer available in stores.  It was determined that it was inhumane but what's more inhumane than a slow death by poison or dying a slow death in a trap that didn't quite hit the right spot.  As I mentioned, this thing kills instantly.  You can, however, still find them online. 

It's really easy to use.  Simply place the bait (I use dry dog food) in the back of the device on top of the 'grid', find a good location to place it (usually next to a wall... That's where they tend to run) and turn it on.  When the red light is flashing you've got your pesky pest.  Then just turn it off and dump it in the trash.  Preferably the outdoor trash!  Then you can reset it.  I once caught a family of the critters in under four hours. 

If you use pet food as bait, be sure to keep your pets away!  And don't stick your hand inside EVER!!  Just to be safe.

So if you have a rodent problem, I highly recommend  the Zapper.  Professional exterminators HATE these things!!  lol  Now if someone would just invent a spider zapper.


Gerry said...

Maybe they should make a giant size one for pesky possums!

R U Serious?? said...

Gerry, It would certainly do the job!

Rocket Man said...

Or a super duper size for that jerk across the street. I'd have to bait it with a bottle of vodka and hire someone to empty it but still........

We get field mice looking for a place to spend the winter in November. Sam, our lab, always lets us know when they arrive. Then we just put a couple of "no touch" traps in the cabinets, wait a couple of days and toss the sprung traps in the trash. Problem solved for another year.

Beth said...

Sounds like a humane thing to do, better than a trap or poison. Good idea.

CAROLDEE said...

Can you imagine a zapper for skunks. Holy cow !LOL I sure wish they still sold them in stores leave it to the powers that be to stop selling something that really works!

Sue Lehman said...

Sounds like it works well---good thing you don't have cats, 'cause I'll bet they could fit inside. Of course Bonnie is quite small...we get some pretty BIG moles around here, almost as big as groundhogs! Afraid to poison them with our cats and all.

GreatGranny said...

You've got a good trap there. I hope Kassey would smell a rat before he got inside.

Toodie said...

Bob? Hello!
Tarnation that is a great trap! Turn that sucker on in the safe!
I have ah cattle zapper but this would be less runninaround.
Hope you and the wife and critters are doing fine.