Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She Couldn't Even Call 911

My wife Becky had a very bad morning. Mine was no walk in the park either but hers???  Her job requires two very important items in order to be successful. Her computer and her iPhone. So when I heard, "I can't find my iPhone!!!", I knew it was going to be a longggg morning.

We searched everywhere! Her office, her purse, the bedroom, living room and lastly, her car. Nothing. She tried calling her phone but it immediately went to voicemail. She NEVER turns her phone off, so this had us even more worried. So I asked her if she had searched her car thoroughly and if it could have fallen out of her pocket while getting into her car (she had used it earlier in her car). She said that there was no way that she could have dropped it but I, never one to leave a leaf unturned, went to her car again.

Well, I found it.... In the street.... Face Down.......  It was a Hit and Run!!!! Now if you have never seen an iPhone after it has been run over by a car, it's not a pretty sight! 


Luckily, it was under warranty. And not the standard Apple/iPhone warranty that covers very little, but one she got from  $96 for two years and it includes everything except loss of the phone. Even the dreaded "Toilet Drop"!! She gets her new phone tomorrow with all of her info intact (the SIM card survived and it was backed up on her computer).

And if you're wondering, Yes, I DID try to turn it on!!!  LOL

Oh yeah, my morning??  I received an email from my bank that my debit card had been compromised and sure enough, funds (only $25) had been removed. But one phone call and a visit to the bank and I have a temporary card with a new permanent one on the way and I will be getting reimbursed in 7 days.

My day was much better than Becky's was.


Gerry said...

Wow, hard to believe the SIM card was ok. As for cards, we stopped using our debit card, but a about a year ago, someone went shopping down in Florida with our Visa card number. They had made a fake card, but Visa caught it and we didn't have to pay anything. We just had to get new cards.

TwiBitch said...

Oh no! Poor iPhone. :( Not even a spark left in it. Glad you found it though, Bob. But no wonder it didn't ring when called.

We've had someone else's debit card at our office for several weeks. Found it in the lobby hallway. No one knew the name on it and no one came to claim it, so yesterday we cut it up and tossed it. Figured they just went and got a new one. Didn't want it to get into the wrong hands.

Hope you two have much better day today!

Archie said...

I don't know Bob ... I'm thinkin it looks pretty danged cool with all 'a they cracklies through it.

The only good cell phone is a F.O.R.D.

MissBeth said...

looking for a lost item and stress you beyond belief, but finding it in that condition...UGH !! Glad the phone replacement was covered and lucky for her all info restored.
Hope the rest of the day is wonderful for you both.

Sherry said...

I've had my phone fall out of my pocket in the garage too but luckily I didn't run over it. You do go into a panic when you can't find it though.
Funny you mentioned your debit card. On our local news this morning a nail salon was raided by the local police and feds because they were doing that very same thing. 50,000.00 they thought they got away with.
Hope today is better for you guys.

CAROLDEE said...

HOLY COW that looks terrible BOB..glad she can get a replacement.It probably still feels like part of her is mssing though.. as for the bank deal be soooo glad they only got 25$ it could have been a lot more... : )

Beth said...

I don't have a debit card as I don't think they are all that safe. I have seen my niece be charged as many as 3 times for the same purchase. Be sure and watch it carefully.

Ramblingon said...

Oh about horrible horrible luck for your wife..that sight was enough to run chills down my own spine..just the thought of that happening to mine.

As for you..I have lost my entire credit card case but lightening quick action saved the day. WHEW! That was a nasty feeling.

GreatGranny said...

Glad she got the insurance to replace it. I have a debit card but never activated it, don't think I will. My son had to get his replaced because of bogus charges.

Rocket Man said...

Our daughter thinks I'm positively ancient because I have a year old Sony Erikson and only use it as a telephone. Her world would screech to a halt without her iPhone. Of course she carries more electronics in her purse than we had in our entire house when I was her age.