Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Manic Motherhood... and Feet

That's the title of a blog that I have been following lately and this woman is hilarious!!  Her name is Laurie Sontag and she writes and blogs for various publications. 

Anyway, here is her blog address, so take a tour and tell me what you think. I'm pretty sure she will give you a good chuckle.


As some of you know, about four months ago I was diagnosed with a Staph infection on the sole of my foot due to a small blister and within days it grew out of control.  At one point, my doctors considered amputation but as a last resort, performed surgery and it was successful. Here is what my foot looked like at it's worst:

As you can see, I had already lost the big toe from that foot.  The infection is long gone after months of homecare and various IVs. At this point it's only a matter of working to heal the wound that was left behind which measured 1.5" in diameter by .75" deep.  I have been caring for it for the past two months with the use of saline solution to clean it, antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, gauze wraps and elastic bandages. I change these twice a day. I also wear a post-op boot and have been using a cane to keep pressure off of it. Could it have been in a worse spot?

However, my Podiatrist recently had me begin using Collagen pads under the bandages and they have worked wonders.  They work like an artificial skin graft.  The past week I have noticed a vast improvement and in fact, it is now very close to being fully healed.  The cane is now gone and I can take showers without wrapping my foot in plastic. UGH!!!

I'm not sure why I revealed all of this except that after months of dealing with this mess, it seems to finally be coming to an end.  I thought for awhile that my tombstone would read, "He Said His Feet Were Killing Him".


The weather here on the left coast has been very pleasant lately.... warm days and cool nights with just a trace of morning showers but I know from experience that we will have a terrible heatwave right before Christmas.  Just the thing to get us in the Holiday spirit.

That's all I have for today but I hope you will take the time to read that blog I suggested.  And for goodness sake, take care of your feet!!!


maillady said...

So glad your feet are doing better. I soak my feet regularly in epsom salt.I'm off to check out your link.

MissBeth said...

so glad to hear that your foot is alot better, not easy to get around when you have something like that happen..going to go check out that link,thanks for sharing it with us.

Beth said...

Good news about your foot bob. I am so glad it is better.

Jeankfl said...

Oh, I am glad to hear about your foot! I was wondering how it was. So happy you're almost well again! Well, at least physically.. lol

Manic Motherhood/Laurie said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! You popped up on my Google Alerts (sadly, I admit in public to googling myself, but I only do it in the privacy of my own computer).

Sorry to hear about your foot--but glad to hear it's getting better. And thanks again for th emention, very cool of you!

Ramblingon said...

Oh man, Bob. That looks as horrible as it is. The thought of anyone having a staph infection gives me the jimjams. SO glad all is better now. You really went thru a terrible time.

MissBeth said...

went and checked out this blog you posted about and its a great blog to read, great sense of humor and writing skills are apparent.

TwiBitch said...

So glad to see that your foot is doing way better than it was. Sorry you had to endure all of that in the first place. I worry about that kind of thing with David's feet. So far, so good.

Take care my friend. I'm off to check out that blog.

Peaceful said...

Your sense of humor kills me ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi ru, hope that isnt you with that kind of trouble, thats just pain awfull, Thought i would remind you I moved my blog over to wordpress,I know you dont like it,
I am about ready to try to get the novel I have been working on now for about a year published,and have a couple of excerpts posted up if you want a chuckle or two look me up! I am at