Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mexican Vacation - Part 2 Settling In

So, we finally arrived.  A long ride from the airport.  As we walk in we see this:

One-hundred foot stone statues of Mayan Gods overlooking and fountain!  WOW!!!  Very dark and the sound of the drums is a little eerie, impressive!

We move to another lobby and check in.  After the 30 minute walk to our suite, we are again impressed. As you can see from the photos from my previous post, the suite is enormous,  The girls immediately go to check out the pools while Dave peruses the brouchures looking at the golf course.  The golf course is 15 holes (?????) but Dave tells me that maybe he can break 100!  LOL.  I, as always, unpack and try to get organized...... We Need Ice!!!  A machine is right down thw hall from us.

Becky and Patty return and are all excited.  Perfect time to send the the Super WalMart to stock up.  Yes, WalMart is everywhere!!

Dave walks onto the balcony and tells me that he has a surprise for the girls...... He brought Christmas lights!! Geez!!  And he wants to put them up on the ceiling at the edge of the balcony.  Out he comes with self-adhesive hooks and the lights... and a wobbly chair!  There were three problem initially...

1. We totally messed up the adhesive tape on the hooks.

2. Could he have found any bigger lights?

3. I wasn't much help holding his belt loop while he was standing on a chair, six stories up, with my eyes closed!

So the lights go up!  Here is Dave taking down  his lights at last!

Note the look of horror!!  You should have seen MY face!!!

So the lights go up. He plugs them in while muttering something about not testing them first and  we sit back to admire our handiwork. The women will love these!, Dave says.
Then, the first hook comes out and plummets to the ground.  He says he has more, but as he leaves, the second hook also comes loose!  We peer over, praying that no one was killed. Then, of course. the last hook gives up and the huge lights come crashing onto balcony.  Dave is ticked off and I'm still concerned about the folks below but also thrilled that we are relocating them to safer place.  Don't they look festive?

The women returned with $300 worth of WalMart food and were surprised by the lights!  Who wouldn't be? in fact my wife was so impressed that she decided to bring them home to decorate our home also!  What says Merry Christmas better than this!

They haven't fallen off so far, dammit!

Next post, 'Getting To Know You!'


Joe said...

Never a dull moment eh Bob? It's pretty cool that the Christmas spirit followed you to Mexico! Did you bring along your Christmas Spee...oh alright, I won't bring that up again! LOL!

R U Serious?? said...

LOL @ Joe!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang Joe! I'm thinkin Bob that Joe secretly covets your speedo.. let's hope that's why it's always on his mind! And a Christmas speedo? Let's hope there's not mistletoe on the front of it. Maybe hohoho?
Is your friend a home depot guy? So funny he gets the lights and hardware while on vacation. Cool idea though!

R U Serious?? said...

Dana? He actually packed then and brought them with him!! Dave is a Great guy and the four of us laughed the entire time. Had you been there I'm sure that we would have died from laughter!!!!

Next post SOON!!!

Peaceful said...

Now I can see why you laughed the whole time :D

Anonymous said...

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