Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mexico Vacation - Part 1 The Departure

Well..... It was a blast!! Besides the perfect weather and Great food, the four of us laughed the entire time. Good for the soul...

We left from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and dreaded going through the security thing!  Body probe?  X-Ray? I opted for the latter.  I was directed to a 'Special' room because of my foot.  After the usual frisking, they decided to X-Ray my wrapped foot.  I guess they suspected me of being a possible 'Shoe Bomber'!  The guy operating the machine must have been new because he had to ask a fellow employee for the password to use it. (I wrote it down! lol). After a series of nine scans from different angles, I guessed that I was good to go..... Because he told me I was good to go!

We proceeded to the boarding gate and the girls visited the 'little girls room' while Dave and lounged around and talked. I sat down next to a guy and asked where he was going!  Mexico, he said.  I then asked where in Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta.  I told him that we were going there also. So Dave asked him where he was staying and it was the same place that we were headed to!  So I began chatting to Larry and his friend Tony.  They live in Vancouver, Canada and this was their first time in Mexico. They proceeded to introduce Dave and me to their wives and their combined NINE children!  Yep!!  They had their hands full! We saw them there and they were having a Great time also!

Our flight was full but it didn't seem to matter. Everyone onboard was having fun!  This was the 'Party Rpw'!

We finally landed and it wasn't nearly as hot as expected..... Mid- 70's.
The airport in Puerto Vallarta is always a wild scene!  Not because of their security but because there are dozens of men trying to sell timeshares.  I told my friends to keep their heads down and just walk!  And if you have to respond, tell them that you already own one.

Another good tip:  Carry a cane!!  Really!!  They will sit you in a wheelchair and wheel you everywhere!!  A $5 tip is always good.

We took a prearranged bus to our hotel 30 miles and this place was HUGE!!  30 minutes from the lobby to our room.  Bad part was all marble floors, which ravaged my foot. But it ended up being OK.

The rooms were Awesome!!!  The condo was 2000 sq ft and had everything.  As for the microwave and washer/dryer??  Instructions in Spanish!  My Spanish is very limited so communicating with the maid and staff involved much pointing and gesturing wildly!! 

Speaking of our maid, this was ours.  A sweetie by the name of Minerva.
She worked fast and did a great job!  We gave her a nice tip each day.  Since my foot kept me from using the pool or beach I pretty much stayed in our room everyday and gave Minerva instructions from my wife and our friend Patty (you should have seen me trying to order bubble bath!) and watched the people on the street.  I also LIVED by my iPod!!!  I learned that people in Mexico do NOT know how to parallel park to save their lives!!!

Here was the view from my 'perch'!

See that blue area??  That was the beach!  lol!

Anyhow, I will have much more to share but I leave you with photos of our rooms.Note the three big screen TVs and the computer!  More about them later.


Next post, 'Settling In'.

PS: Minerva made this at her home for us..... Am elephant and a mouse made from towels!


Joe said...

Looks like a great place Bob! I can imagine that even with your limited mobility you kept people in stitches! I can imagine you trying to communicate and I gotta say that brings a real smile to my face...not that I would have done any better!

Kat said...

Oh I just love that elephant! Can't wait to hear more. We are hoping to go to PV next year.

Anonymous said...

That's it! I'm going next time! Minerva, how sweet of her! I love the elephant and mouse towel! I'm such a nerd I would have to have her show me how to do it.
I'm so glad you had a great time! Waiting for the next blog part dos!

Archie ~Grumps~ said...

I only see Two TV’s in this condo.
“Yer Good ta Go!! *wee gigglies … * I like that.
There’s a Gal in London Ontario does a fare bit ‘a travel with her hubby. I believe it was in the Mayan Riviera she had taken a bunch of towel art pics. She put ‘em in an album, some pretty cool work. I’m not altogether certain if her albums are public, but giving you the link should you wish ta check it out.
Great ta read ya’s had a great time. Shame you couldn’t take advantage of the pools. I know I would at very least bin down there to scope out the bikinis. Take good care Bob. Will catch ya later.
Ciao Fer Now …

GreatGranny said...

It looks like a great place to visit.Minerva is an artist nice towel art. I'm looking forward to part 2.

kittycatlane said...

It sounds and looks fantastic! I'm like Dana I would have asked her to show me how she made those... too cute! Love ya! Steph

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That is such a cute towel elephant! How fun!

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